Printed matter, and method of manufacturing printed matter



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a printed matter and a method of manufacturing the printed matter which can make a first printed layer and a second printed layer having a color different from each other look in the same color.SOLUTION: The printed matter 1 includes a base material 30, the first printed layer 31 printed with a first ink, the second printed layer 32 printed with a second ink, and a third printed layer 33. The first printed layer and the second printed layer are formed in different areas from each other on the base material 30. The first ink and the second ink have property or function different from each other, and have a color different from each other. The third printed layer is formed to cover or fill a boundary between the first printed layer 31 and the second printed layer 32, and forms a mixture region that includes the first ink and the second ink.
【課題】色差を有する第1の印刷層と第2の印刷層とを同じ色に見せることができる印刷物および印刷物の製造方法を提供すること。 【解決手段】印刷物1は、基材30と、前記基材30上の互いに異なる領域に設けられ、特性または機能が互いに異なり、かつ色差を有する、第1のインクを用いて印刷してなる第1の印刷層31と、第2のインクを用いて印刷してなる第2の印刷層32と、前記第1の印刷層31と前記第2の印刷層32との境界を覆うかまたは埋めるように設けられ、前記第1のインクと前記第2のインクとを含む混合領域を形成する第3の印刷層33とを有する。 【選択図】図1




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