Copper microparticle and method for producing the same



【課題】微細で、凝集粒子をほとんど含まない銅微粒子、例えば、電子顕微鏡で測定した平均粒子径(D)が0.005〜2.0μmの範囲にあり、動的光散乱法粒度分布測定装置で測定した平均粒子径(d)が0.005〜2.0μmの範囲にあり、且つ、d/Dが0.7〜2の範囲である銅微粒子と分散媒とを含む流動性組成物の製造方法を提供する。 【解決手段】錯化剤及びタンパク質系保護剤の存在下で、2価の銅酸化物と還元剤とを媒液中で混合して、金属銅微粒子を生成させた後、媒液中にタンパク質分解酵素を添加して金属銅微粒子を凝集させ、分別した得られた金属銅微粒子と分散媒とを混合して調製する。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for producing a fluid composition including fine copper microparticles and a dispersion medium containing substantially none of agglomerates, and, for example, having an average particle size (D) as measured by an electron microscope of in a range of 0.005-2.0 μm, an average particle size (d) as measured by a dynamic light scattering particle size distribution measuring apparatus of in a range of 0.005-2.0 μm, and a d/D ratio of in a range of 0.7-2.SOLUTION: In the method for producing the fluid composition, a divalent copper oxide is mixed with a reducing agent in a liquid medium in the presence of a complexing agent and a protein-based protective agent to produce metal copper microparticles, then a proteolytic enzyme is added in the liquid medium to agglutinate the metal copper microparticles, and the obtained metal copper microparticles after separation and a dispersion medium are mixed to be prepared.




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