Installation structure of volatile organic compound processing unit, and the volatile organic compound processing unit



【課題】設置スペースに余裕のない事業所であっても導入しやすく、且つ、導入コストを軽減できる、揮発性有機化合物処理ユニットの設置構造を提供する。 【解決手段】ガスを流通させる孔部が形成された導電性発熱体20に電極21が取り付けられている加熱部2、揮発性有機化合物の酸化分解温度を低下させる触媒体31がガス流路を備えている触媒部3、及び、加熱部及び触媒部を内部に支持する筒状のケーシング40を備え、加熱部及び触媒部がそれぞれケーシングの内部空間を軸方向に交差して区画するように配設されている処理ユニット1と、建物の壁60に設けられた通気孔61に嵌め込まれた排気用の送風機50とを具備し、処理ユニットが送風機を建物の内部空間で被覆するように、触媒部を送風機に向けた状態で壁に対して取り付けられている。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an installation structure of a volatile organic compound processing unit easily introduced even in an office having a small installation space and capable of mitigating introduction cost.SOLUTION: The processing unit 1 includes a heating part 2 in which an electrode 21 is mounted to a conductive heating element 20 formed with a hole part for circulating gas, a catalyst part 3 in which a catalyst body 31 for lowering oxidative decomposition temperature of the volatile organic compound includes a gas flow passage, and a cylindrical casing 40 for supporting the heating part and the catalyst part inside. In the processing unit 1, the heating part and the catalyst part are respectively arranged to partition an internal space of the casing by crossing the axial direction. An exhausting blower 50 is fitted to a ventilation hole 61 provided on a wall 60 of a building. The processing unit is mounted to the wall so as to cover the blower in the internal space of the building in a state that the catalyst part is directed to the blower.




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