【課題】火災時に下枠の排水経路から熱風や煙などが侵入するのを阻止し、防火性能を向上することができるサッシの提供。 【解決手段】サッシ枠1の下枠5は、中空部12と、中空部内の水を室外に排水する排水孔13を有し、排水孔13に隣接する位置に火災の熱により発泡して排水孔13を塞ぐ耐火材16を設け、更に火災の熱で発泡して水抜き孔11を塞ぐ耐火材15を設けた。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a sash capable of preventing hot blast, smoke, or the like from entering through a drain passage of a sill in the case of a fire to improve fireproof performance.SOLUTION: A sill 5 of a sash frame 1 includes a hollow part 12 and a drain hole 13 for draining the water in the hollow part outdoors, and a refractory material 16, being foamed by heat of a fire to seal the drain hole 13, is provided at a position adjacent to the drain hole 13 and also a refractory material 15, being foamed by heat of a fire to seal a drip hole 11, is provided.




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