Coating film forming apparatus and coating film forming method



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a coating film forming apparatus capable of forming a uniform coating film even on a coating object having a complicated cross-sectional shape and not requiring a process for removing an attached medium from the coating object after the coating formation is completed.SOLUTION: The coating film forming apparatus is provided with: a container 2 into which many mediums B coated with a coating film forming material are charged; suspension parts 4, 5 for suspending the coating object C in the container 2; a vibrator V for vibrating the whole of the container 2; a drawing mechanism 2D for drawing the coating object C from the medium layer in the container 2 vibrated by the vibrator V; and a striking mechanism 8 for applying sideways impact force to the coating object C through the suspension parts 4, 5.
【課題】断面形状が複雑な塗装対象物などでも均一な塗膜を形成でき、且つ、塗膜形成を完了した塗装対象物から付着媒体を除去する工程が不要な塗膜形成装置を提供する。 【解決手段】塗膜形成材料で被覆された多数の媒体Bを装入可能な容器2と、塗装対象物Cを容器2内に懸吊する懸吊部4,5と、容器2の全体を振動させる加振器Vと、加振器Vにより加振されている容器2内の媒体層から塗装対象物Cを引き出す引出機構2Dと、塗装対象物Cに懸吊部4,5を介して横向きの衝撃力を加える打撃機構8とを備える塗膜形成装置とした。 【選択図】図1




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