Pharmaceutical composition for treating peptic ulcer and its preparation method and use



The invention provides a pharmaceutical composition for treating peptic ulcer and its preparation method and use. The pharmaceutical composition comprises, by weight, 1-10 parts of adenosine, 10-35 parts of arginine, 1-10 parts of dopamine, 1-10 parts of tryptophan, 6-25 parts of glutamine, 8-35 parts of threonine, 6-25 parts of methionine, 6-25 parts of serine, 8-35 parts of proline and 1-10 parts of cyclo(glycine-proline)dipeptide. The pharmaceutical composition can be processed to form any dosage forms suitable for eating and preferably to form a liquid preparation, a tablet or a capsule. The pharmaceutical composition has a rat peptic ulcer model ulcer inhibition ratio of 71%. The pharmaceutical composition has the peptic ulcer treatment total effective rate of 96% and a low recurrence rate after cure.




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