Prescription of suppository for curing cervix rotten and its process


  • Inventors: YU ZONGLIANG
  • Assignees: 于宗亮
  • Publication Date: February 26, 1992
  • Publication Number: CN-1058909-A


This invention discloses a new-type medicine for curing vaginal diseases, such as cervical inflammation and erosion, vaginitis and gonorrhea. It is prepared with following natural Chinese herbal medicines: Chinese nut-gall, certex phellodendri and radix sophorae flavescentis, and has advantages of less consumption for each application, high concentration and easy use.
本发明提供了一种用天然植物中草药为主要原 料,精选配方,运用现代科学生产工艺提炼而成的一 种阴道局部用药的新剂型。它由五倍子、黄柏、苦参 等组成。本发明采用药物提取方法,使得药量少,浓 度高,使用方便,易于患者坚持治疗,本品主要适应于 宫颈炎,宫颈糜烂,对于各种原因引起的阴道炎有良 好的治疗作用,而且可以防治淋病等性传播疾病。




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