Fuel rod with high slagging resistance and preparation method thereof



The invention discloses a fuel rod with high slagging resistance and a preparation method thereof. The preparation method of the fuel rod comprises the following steps: softening tomato vines without fruits, hair felts after oil absorption and fennel abortive shells and extruding the raw materials into the fuel rod with a water content being smaller than 15% by a flat membrane granulator, wherein the weight ratio of the tomato vines to the hair felts after oil absorption and the fennel abortive shells is (6-7) to (2-3) to (1-2). Compared with the prior art, the fuel rod with the high slagging resistance has the following advantages that the raw materials are convenient to take and use, the preparation method is relatively simple, the large-scale production is easy to implement, the raw material components are simple, the consumption of adhesives and desulfurizers is reduced, the secondary pollution is avoided, the fuel rod is compact in structure and high in production cost, the combustion heat reaches over 4500Kcal/kg, the combustion of the fuel rod is complete, the fuel rod can replace fossil energy, the hydrogen content reaches 6-8%, the ratio of volatile components is greater than 75%, the fuel combustion characteristic is excellent, the slagging rate is low, and the fuel rod has high slagging resistance.




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