Batch preparation method of graphene


  • Inventors: DAI JIALONG
  • Assignees: 戴加龙
  • Publication Date: August 24, 2016
  • Publication Number: CN-105883767-A


The invention discloses a batch preparation method of graphene. The method comprises the following steps of: S1, injecting graphite flakes and a stripper into a ball-milling tank, wherein the stripper comprises 100 parts of water, 1-10 parts of naphthalene sulfonate and 1-3 parts of sand milling agent; S2, carrying out ball milling for 4-48 hours, wherein the speed of a ball mill is over 2000rpm/min; S3, discharging upper layer suspension into a material storage tank after stopping reaction, and standing; S4, conveying graphene suspension to a centrifuge to be centrifuged and carrying out vacuum filtration on supernatant after centrifuging to obtain a filter cake; and S5, washing and freeze-drying the filter cake. The preparation method has the advantages that equipment is not corroded and the graphene structure is not damaged while graphene is stripped.




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