Edible-oil-on-site-experience product tank device


  • Inventors: LI NING
  • Assignees: 李宁
  • Publication Date: August 24, 2016
  • Publication Number: CN-105883138-A


The invention discloses an edible-oil-on-site-experience product tank device. A cylinder body of a tank is a glass view cylinder. Two ends of the cylinder are connected with an upper sealing head and a lower sealing head through sealing rings and studs. The sealing heads are provided with connecting flanges. In order to prevent the glass view cylinder from being crushed, the studs are used for connecting. The upper sealing head is provided with an oil inlet pipe and an oil inlet valve. The lower sealing head is provided with a blow-off pipe, an oil outlet pipe, a blow-off valve and an oil outlet valve. The oil outlet pipe is arranged to be in a U shape with a downward opening and extends into the tank. When edible oil is taken and eaten, only the oil outlet valve needs to be opened, the edible oil cannot be discharged completely, a sediment space layer is arranged for the edible oil, and accordingly the effect of sediment filtering is achieved. When a certain number of oil dregs exist in the tank, the oil dregs can be discharged by opening the blow-off valve, according to processing equipment, a consumer can experience healthy safe oil products on site visually, therefore, market return with the highest economic benefit is obtained, meanwhile, the processing equipment marketing range of the edible oil is expanded, and the added product value and the economic growth point are improved.




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