Water curtain purifying type air purifier



The invention discloses a water curtain purifying type air purifier. The air purifier comprises an outer housing which is in a shape of a rectangular tank body, and an inner housing which is assembled into the outer housing from top to bottom, wherein a water storing barrel and a waste water barrel are mounted in the inner housing; a filter and a water pump are mounted in a space between the outer housing and the inner housing; a flow guide cover is connected to the upper part of the inner housing, and a top cover is fixedly connected to the upper part of the flow guide cover; a refrigerating slice assembly is mounted in the flow guide cover. According to the water curtain purifying type air purifier, the filtered air is dehumidified through semiconductor refrigerating slices, and moreover, the heat generated by the semiconductor refrigerating slices is utilized to heat the non-filtered air, so that the Brownian movement of the air is improved, and the air flowing through a water curtain makes more contact with the water curtain, and as a result, the air purifying effect is improved.




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