Heat-resistant pudding and preparation method thereof



The invention discloses a heat-resistant pudding and a preparation method thereof. The heat-resistant pudding is prepared from the following components in parts by weight: 1-10 parts of carrageenan, 0.1-5 parts of konjaku flour, 0.1-5 parts of carboxymethylcellulose, 0.1-3 parts of xanthan gum, 30-70 parts of milk powder, 0.1-10 parts of gellan gum, 0.1-5 parts of calcium lactate, 0.1-5 parts of potassium chloride, 100-400 parts of white granulated sugar, 550-950 parts of process water and 0.1-6 parts of essence. The heat-resistant pudding gel with a high melting point is formed by calcium ions in gellan gum and milk powder and additional calcium ions and thus can keep a certain forming degree and tender taste after being brewed in hot boiled water at 80 DEG C and above for over 3 minutes; the heat-resistant pudding can be matched with milky tea for eating, and thus the mouthfeel of the milky tea is improved. The preparation method is simple and feasible and is suitable for massive industrial production.




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