Method for recording voice and electronic device



The invention discloses a method for recording voice. The method comprises the steps of acquiring a first triggering command which is used for instructing a mobile terminal to enable a voice recording function to collect voice; based on the first triggering command, judging that whether the mobile terminal is connected with the other electronic device via a Bluetooth communication protocol; and when the mobile terminal is connected with the other electronic device via the Bluetooth communication protocol, disconnecting the connection with the other electronic device established via the Bluetooth communication protocol during a process that the mobile terminal enables the voice recording function, thus ensuring that the mobile terminal collects voice data based an own microphone of the mobile terminal after enabling the voice recording function. Meanwhile, the invention also discloses an electronic device. By using the method and electronic devices, connection and disconnection between the mobile terminal Bluetooth and vehicle-mounted Bluetooth can be automatically achieved according to the current working condition of the mobile terminal, and the user experience is enhanced.




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